Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bengali Food - Simple Yellow Dal with Begun Bhaja

Simple yellow dal with radhuni (wild celery/ajmod).

This is one of my all time favorites mostly during summer. Preparation is easy and goes with hot rice but of course with support of garam begun bhaja ( hot deep fried brinjals) or aloo bhaja ( french fries.

Musur dal - Red lentil seeds - one and half cup
Radhuni - one tea-spoon full /alternate spice is Kalo Jeera ( Nigella and not Bunium persicum which is also refered as Kalo jeera/ black cumin / shahi jeera or wild cumin in Persia and other parts - the two taste are diagonaly different) Nigella or Kalo jeera is widley used in Bengal.
Mustard oil - two table spoon
Chopped Coriander leaves - two table spoon.
Green chillies - 4 - 2 slit and two forked .
Salt - to taste

Radhuni or wild celery or ajmod in urdu is a strong spice - it requires some washing after purchase and drying in the sun before storing - clean versions are sometimes available also. The spice is so strong that it can over power any other spices even if used in pinches. So its best advisable to use this one in stand alone.


Wash the dal / lentil seeds thoroughly to remove the insecticides and pesticides and keep aside.
Heat one table spoon oil in a pressure cooker, drop the wild celery / radhuni and fry it till you get the strong smell, add the daal, add 3 cups water ( this dal is best with more water ) add the coriander leaves, green chilies and cover and cook for one whistle. keep it closed for 15 mins - open add the other table spoon of oil and keep covered till you serve it.

Fried Brinjals - Begun bhaja

Cut as per the shape of the brinjal ( long cuts for finger shaped ones and round cuts for big ones), rub turmeric, red chili powder, salt and deep fry. The trick of using less oil is you need to brush atta wheat flour on the cut brinjals lightly before frying. Cut Brinjals just before frying to avoid oxidation which will turn the flesh dark. Sprinkle amchur ( dried mango powder) before serving.

Enjoy !!


Rusha said...

hehe great work... add me..

Capt Jack Sparrow said...

You are added. so when we can see your recipes...

Vanessa said...

I have no idea about Yellow daal but now I will try to make it. And specially I like Aloo bhaja . Thanks for this recipe.


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